Contract (ERC 20): 0x0799de3f4e111b70e845edb7a8646d934a51e210

Sniping Made Simple

.50 Cal makes sniping & trading easy. Our user friendly interface and semi automated sniper features are designed to both simplify and enhance your trading experience.

Trading Tools

- Token Trades
- Multi Wallet Trades
- Auto Stop Loss & Take Profit
Trading Fees: 0.5%

Sniper Tools

- LP Sniping
- Method Sniping
- Bundle Sniping (Coming Soon)
Sniping Fees: 0.5%

Special Features

- Anti Rug
- Auto DeadBlock Detection (Coming Soon)
- Auto Sniper Mode Detection (Coming Soon)


100% of all revenues collected from trading & sniping fees are shared as royalties between 50CAL Token holders. These royalties are airdropped to holders in the form of USDT on a bi-weekly basis.

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